Flumina Sunt and Other Poems

For me, poetry is like therapy. I can release all the pent up frustration, sadness, anxiety, love, joy, excitement into a few lines and-sigh!-instant relief of those horribly irresistible things we know as emotions.

Poetry is my treatment for human nature. I think that society as a whole is a slave to emotion. We give into our passions all too easily and let ourselves be offended by the slightest comment against us or our beliefs. When I feel too much emotion, I let it out with my pen. I can speak of an emotion that is poised to eat me alive and I suddenly obtain peace and clarity because of the fact that poetry requires careful deliberation. It causes me to take a step back from myself and look at my life in a more general, realistic sense. While poetry can be both whimsical and dramatic, it still takes deep thought and careful consideration of the subject at hand. I do believe that is something we rarely do anymore. We do not stop to consider. All we do is jump into our emotions headfirst and end up drowning because of it.

After that long introduction, I now present to you my newest endeavor: “Flumina Sunt and Other Poems.” I will try my best to upload a new poem every day. I hope that reading these little pieces of my life will guide you to a deeper consideration and love of yours!




Another Book Closes

Despite the fact that this story did not win the first round of the contest, I would still like to share it. I feel like it has some worth. I hope you enjoy it. (Click the picture to read.)Another Book Closes

2 More for the Win

I’m happy to announce that I have won the first two rounds of a five-round writing contest. Similar to March Madness, this contest slowly thins out until there are only two people battling it out in the realm of words. For the first round I wrote a piece titled “I Kind of Lost My Time Machine.” The second is called “Playwright.” Click on the pictures below to read them!

Time MachinePlaywright